Best NJ Online Casinos That Accept Most Popular Payment Methods

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Publication date: 2022-08-30 Last updated: 2022-08-30

The Best NJ Online Gambling Payment Methods

Whether it’s new online NJ casinos or established veteran casinos, players will have a decent variety of options to explore. The payment methods reviewed below are part of the New Jersey online gambling experience as they provide you with a full and strong variety of deposits and withdrawals. Check each method individually to understand what they provide you with.


Visa is a popular payment option and one of the most familiar ones. The debit/credit card option is available to players in virtually every online casino in New Jersey. Players are able to make deposits from the designated operators. Because of how trusted and popular this company is, its bank card is accepted virtually in every online website in New Jersey.

This adds to the overall experience and makes it easy to deposit instantly. Cash outs using Visa are not currently supported by gambling websites in New Jersey, and this is likely to remain the case.


MasterCard is another convenient payment option you may use to deposit. Once again, the card is a preferred way to deposit among most adult and of age gamblers in New Jersey. It’s easily linkable with an online casino account and will make for instant deposits, which is an added plus.

The familiarity that the average gambler has with this option means that you can play your favorite games. It’s easy to top up your account with debit cards, and especially the MasterCard branded ones. The bounce rate here is practically 0 as banks approve deposits with cards for the purposes of gambling in New Jersey.

American Express

American Express or AmEx as it’s known locally is another great option to make a deposit in a casino. You may similarly use the funds to participate in NJ online sports betting, provided that the casino you deposit in has a twin sister sportsbook. Most do, which is a strong plus. As to AmEx, the card has a very high clearance rate and is generally accepted with casinos in New Jersey.

What this means is that you have a reliable payment method when looking to deposit. As to withdrawals, they are usually not allowed using debit and credit cards in New Jersey and at most online casinos so keep this in mind

Bank Transfer

Online banking transfers have the drawback of being used for deposits only. What this means is that once again you will be slightly limited in what transactions you can place with your preferred online gambling websites. On the plus side, they are very quick and easy to figure out.

They are also very safe and you will have absolutely no trouble working out how a deposit works. Because of their safety and the regulated status of online casinos in the Garden State, what this means is that you get to enjoy instant transfers that are conducted in a highly secure banking environment.


ACH transfers are actually quite safe but they do involve banks and this means that it may slightly longer to see the funds appear in your account. E-wallets are generally considered more flexible and quicker. Worse, with ACH transfers, there may be some fees that apply to each transaction which means that you are already starting at a slight disadvantage. This is definitely not ideal.

That is why casino players in Atlantic City’s online casinos sometimes opt for ACH but they usually go with the much friendlier options such as e-wallets and even debit and credit cards.


Neteller is another e-wallet option that is popular with casinos and sportsbooks in New Jersey. The payment method serves as a third-party gateway between your bank account and the operator. Neteller is arguably less popular than PayPal, but it’s similarly equipped to provide you with a safe and reliable overall gaming experience. Deposits and transactions with Neteller are generally very quick.

The only drawback here is that this payment option is absent from most of the sportsbooks and casinos we have checked in New Jersey, but this is more to do with operators being slow to adopt it more so than anything else.


Skrill is a third-party payment processor, just like Neteller, which is built on the premise that you can use your e-wallet as an additional layer of protector. Skrill is certified by the relevant financial authorities and has been in business for many years now. You can use this method to deposit and link it to your credit or debit card if you are reluctant to place your card directly into the casino, for example. Skrill is a flexible and trusted payment option all-around.


PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods NJ has to offer players. The e-wallet is behind popularizing online payments in the first place and it enjoys trust from consumers, businesses and regulators. This makes for quick and straightforward transactions. However, a player must have a US-based PayPal account in order to use the method.

This means that out-of-the-country tourists won’t be able to use this method or even you if you resided abroad and came back. However, anyone with a US PayPal will have no trouble making deposits and withdrawals, turning this into a preferred and powerful payment method.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an iOS-friendly payment option that is integrated with your iPhone. The idea here is to use your smartphone as a payment gateway. Apple has a reputation for one of the strictest and safest custodians of payment solutions, making it simple for consumers to protect their financial data and still benefit from rapid deposits. Once again, Apple Pay is a little slow to make waves with gambling operators in New Jersey, but it’s slowing picking up.

Google Pay

Google Pay is the Android equivalent of Apple Pay. It’s available readily and secured by Google. Once again, you can use this payment option to transact money quickly and safely, with the only drawback here that not many casinos necessarily accept it. The same goes for sportsbook. There has been a bit of a slow response from operators to embrace payment options that are popular with consumers. Google Pay offers zero-traction transactions, quickness of payment and overall safety.

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