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Welcome to and our Privacy Policy Statement which explains how we collect, process, and use the information to better understand visitor needs and also provide improved products and solutions. The present Privacy Policy statement hereafter referred to as “the Policy” will help you understand what we do with your information and the extent to which we collect it.

If you do have additional questions about your personal information or the Policy please feel free to visit our Contact Us page and pick one of the preferred forms of communication to get in touch. Please note that the Policy applies to all visitors and any type of information shared or collected hereafter.

Consent to Use Data

By visiting and continuing to use, hereafter referred to as “the Site,” “Our Team,” or “We,” you consent that we can collect and process your information as outlined by the Policy terms. Please note that in case you do not wish or do not consent to the Policy, you must immediately cease to use the website.

What Information Is Collected 

To understand the Policy you first need to understand what information is collected and when. The Site will have the objective of ensuring that the information you are asked to provide is provided only with your consent and with your fully understanding of why such information is collected. 

The Site will never ask you to provide information of any sort without explicitly explaining the reason behind this. If you want to further see if you have provided information, you can contact us through our Contact Us page. 

We stick to information that is being provided to us with consent and will never attempt to secure any additional information that you have not volunteered under clear reasons that are understood by all parties involved, that is the Site and the visitor, reader or user of the Site.

How Is the Information Used 

To make sure all information is used in a sensible way, we want to outline the way that we find best to use the details that are collected. We collect all information for the purposes of bettering the Site in its entirety, from the way content is displayed to the way you interact with this content. Specifically, we collect information in order to:

  • Maintain and operate the Site
  • Better understand why you use the Site
  • Send you emails when and if permitted by law
  • Create new products and content offerings
  • Petition readers about important website changes
  • Create opportunities to personalize the Site
  • Assist law enforcement in helping tackle fraud or criminal activity

All of this information is then protected and safeguarded in accordance with the latest and most advanced encryption and safety technologies. 

The data we collect tends to be non-identifiable except in the cases of email which entail some personal details such as your legal or registered names relevant to your email address. 

Protected Under GDPR 

The Site is also GDPR compliant as we hail the progress achieved by the European Union in ensuring the highest standards of data protection. As a result, we want to uphold the same high standards of data protection and responsibilities.

Thanks to GDPR, visitors to the website and anyone who has ever shared information with our team has the right to fully control this information. 

  • Right to Access: You may request to see copies of the data (identifiable and non-identifiable) that the Site has on you
  • Right to Rectify: You may ask the Site to change information that has been collected by the Site about you
  • Right to Be Forgotten: You may ask the Site to erase your personal data with specific conditions applicable as per communication with the Site
  • Right to Restrict Data Processing: You may ask the site to not process data under any specific conditions
  • The Right to Transfer Data: You may ask the Site to transfer the data collected about you to another organization

Please note that in cases where a legitimate law enforcement agency reaches out to the Site and requests access to your data, we are obligated by law to provide such information. Please keep in mind that to enact any of the above rights regarding your personal information, you need to first contact us.

Third Parties and Advertisers

The Site and the Policy are not binding to any third party that may appear on the Site. If you choose to follow a link from the Site you will then be bound to a completely different set of rules as outlined by that service provider's Policy.

If you wish to find out more about what the specific terms and conditions of data usage, collection, and processing are in that third-party, please refer to those parties’ Policies instead. The Site is exempt from responsibilities regarding third-party Policy statements. 

Do Not Sell My Personal Information Rights

We understand that residents may want to use the so-called CCPA Privacy Rights. This applies to residents from the state and is another safeguard that the Site respects in full and agrees to. 

The CCPA Privacy Rights are similar to the GDPR legislation and they are there to create meaningful safeguards for consumers. 

Statement on Children Data

None of the Site products are focused or targeted toward children or audiences not of the legal gambling age in the State of New Jersey. As such, we urge responsible adults, guardians, and parents to ensure that their children do not have access to the Site and its services and products by guiding children’s online activity and taking interest in what is happening online.

Please note that the Site will never, under any circumstances, knowingly collect information from children. If you believe the information of a child under the age of 13 has been wrongfully collected, we urge you to contact us immediately and let us know so that we can immediately erase any such records from our database. 

We exert the highest industry standards in order to maintain the safety of all customers, regardless of their age. The Site is committed to protecting you and your loved ones as outlined by this Policy.

Last updated: 2022.08.17