List of the Best College Basketball Betting Sites

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Jeffrey Gynn
Jeffrey Gynn Author
Publication date: 2022-10-11 Last updated: 2022-10-12

The best college basketball betting sites

As you can imagine, the first thing you need to do for a satisfying experience is to find a good bookmaker. We are ready to help you with this: we have reviewed dozens of different sportsbooks and selected the best ones for you. You can start trying your luck in college basketball right now on any of the sites below.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is notable for its college basketball futures betting and support of college games in other countries as well. You can benefit from extremely high odds of +10,000 for futures bets. You can also place a bet for games in France, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. With every wager you make, you can earn points for the advantageous BetMGM Rewards program. In general, we can say that it is one of the best loyalty programs you can find at NJ sports betting sites. Other important features of BetMGM include:

  • One game parlay insurance (up to 25 USD)
  • Cash out any time for straight and parlay bets
  • It is possible to edit all bets that can be cashed out
  • 50 USD referral bonus

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel's college basketball options are limited to the United States but offer a wealth of content. You can find odds as high as +25,000 for futures betting. It is also possible to participate in virtual tournaments for the NCAAB championship from the "fantasy" category: it is a very different experience, and we definitely recommend you try it. In addition to all these, you can watch many games live using the "FanDuel TV" feature. Other reasons why FanDuel is on the best college basketball betting sites in NJ list include:

  • Two native mobile apps with advanced features (iOS & Android)
  • The same game parlay feature can be used for live betting too
  • Lots of risk free bet bonuses for different leagues
  • Fantasy sports tournaments with big prizes

Unibet Sportsbook

If you are looking for New Jersey gambling sites that offer exotic wager options, Unibet will be a good choice. There are lots of offers in the “general team markets” section alone, such as “teams to make the final four”. Each selection offers odds as high as +8.000 and there are lots of bonuses you can use to boost them further. For example, you can place your first bet with a risk-free 250 USD bonus and get a 25% boost on all parlay bets. Unibet also offers the following:

  • Parlay boosts up to 50%
  • Daily profit boosts for all types of markets
  • Official partner of the New Jersey Devils
  • You can use PayPal for deposits & withdrawals

Caesars Sportsbook

When it comes to bonuses, Caesars is among the top college basketball betting sites in NJ. There are two offers for new players: the first one gives you a risk-free bet that is worth 1.500 USD. This is basically an insurance offer: if you lose the bet, your wager will be refunded. The second one is a deposit bonus that awards 1.000 loyalty points and another 1.250 USD risk-free bet. (Make sure to use the CZRFULL code to claim the offer.) Here is what you also get when you join Caesars:

  • You join the famous Caesars Rewards® program immediately
  • Loyalty rewards include real world prizes (tickets, dining, etc.)
  • A blog section with lots of beginner guides
  • Official partner of NBA, NFL, NHL, and ESPN

BetRivers Sportsbook

The NCAAB category of BetRivers includes futures, in-play, and game-day options. This is one of the college basketball betting sites with the highest odds: for the NCAAB championship, they can be as high as +50.000. Streaming is available, so you can watch many games live – not all NCAAB betting sites NJ can offer this feature. And since you can take advantage of daily odds boost offers, any bet can pay out quite big amounts. BetRivers also offers the following features:

  • A free bet bonus that refunds any loss up to 500 USD
  • You get a 200 USD free bankroll with your first deposit
  • Same game parlay contests that can award up to 500.000 USD
  • iRush Rewards program with luxury gifts & exclusive promotions

College basketball betting beginners’ guide

Once you have chosen one of the NCAAB betting sites listed above, you can place a wager on college basketball games immediately. But if this is your first time and you're not sure where to start, don't worry: we were all newbies once. To get you started quickly and efficiently, we list the main wagering options you can find at NJ sports betting sites below.

NCAAB Moneylines

This is probably the most common bet type in NJ sports betting sites. It is also the best option for beginners. Lines betting is really simple: you place a wager on which team will win the match. For example, if the odds for this option are +150, this means you can win 150 USD when you wager 100 USD. And if the odds are -150, this means you need to wager 150 USD to win 100 USD. Start with moneylines: they are fun, easy to understand, and suitable for every experience level.

NCAAB Totals

The other name for “totals” betting is “over/under”. Once again, it is an option that can be found at almost all New Jersey gambling sites. The bet is not about the score, it is about whether the total points (or goals, runs, rebounds, etc.) scored by both teams will be lower or higher (over or under) than a predefined figure set by the sportsbook. For example, let’s say this figure is 45 for “total points”. You can place a bet on whether the actual figure will be higher (over) or lower (under) than this estimation.

  • If the final score of the game is 34-20, the total will be 54, over bet wins.
  • If the final score is 24-10, the total is 34, under bet wins.

NCAAB Spreads

You may have heard this one as “handicap betting” too. All college basketball betting sites in NJ offer spreads, but it may be a complex option for beginners. The bookmaker gives handicap values to the teams before the game, based on their performance. The result of the game must match these handicap points to win the bet. For example:

  • +5 means that your team may lose the game: as long as the final score difference is not higher than five points, you will still win the bet.
  • -1.5 means that your team may win the match but unless it wins with more than 1.5 points, you won’t be able to win the bet.

NCAAB Parlays

If you enjoy high odds, parlay bets can give you what you are looking for. All NCAAB betting sites NJ offer special bonuses for parlays. “Parlay” means betting on at least two outcomes with a single bet. These outcomes may be in the same game (“same game parlay”) or in different games (“2-team parlay”). The odds will keep increasing with every selection you make. For example:

  • You can bet on Team B will win the game and the final score will include a 15 points difference (same game, two outcomes)
  • You can bet on Team A will win its game and Team B will win another game (different games, two outcomes)

Advantages of betting on college basketball in NJ

Placing college basketball bets on New Jersey gambling sites is advantageous in many ways. As sports betting is legal[1] in the state of nJ, above all you get a safe and reliable service. But that's not everything you'll get: NCAAB betting sites NJ also offer you the benefits we've listed below. Don't forget to take advantage of each one!

Sign Up Bonuses

The first advantage you can get at college basketball betting sites in NJ is promotions: there are lots of bonuses to use. You can get risk free bets and get a 100% refund for your first wager. Likewise, you can take advantage of a first deposit bonus and get a free bankroll for your investment. Those are only the beginning: there are “boost” offers to increase the odds or payouts, loyalty programs that include exclusive rewards, and multiple tournaments for parlay betting. Each one will give you a different advantage.

Bet from anywhere

All NCAAB betting sites NJ offer a native mobile app and their websites work on mobile devices seamlessly. This means you can use your smartphone to place a bet from anywhere and anytime. Using an app is optional: you can play at NJ sports betting sites using only your browser too. In any case, you will get freedom – the world is your sportsbook, and all it takes is a couple of taps to place a wager.

Live betting

In-play betting means that you can try your luck while the game is going on, from start to finish. During the game, you will keep getting new offers with dynamic odds. By choosing the right offers, you can boost your winnings significantly. Plus, live betting is fun: instead of waiting for the result, you become a part of the game. Live bets are offered by all New Jersey gambling sites and they can be used on mobile too.

Additional betting options

College basketball betting sites in NJ will offer you lots of options to try your luck: place a moneyline bet for March Madness or try spread betting. Analyze over/under odds and try to beat the bookmaker. If you want something exotic, take a look at prop bets: you can even bet on how many rebounds will happen in a game. With this kind of variety, every bettor can find something that suits them.

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