Best College Football Betting Sites In New Jersey

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Aneeca Younas
Aneeca Younas Author
Publication date: 2022-10-11 Last updated: 2022-10-11

What Are the Best College Football Bets?

In order to get the best possible returns from your bets, you need to learn which bets offer the best opportunities. We are not talking about the bet types here: this includes selecting the best markets for college football betting. NCAA football offers many events & championships, and some are better than others. In this regard, these will be your best options at college football betting sites in NJ:

  • Betting on the Heisman Trophy: This is an award[1] given to the most valuable player in college football. You can place a futures bet on which player will get it: the odds will be quite high.
  • Betting on Playoffs: This is a tournament that determines the national champion of college football. There are two semi-final games played between four teams, and the winners of these games compete for the title.
  • Betting on Bowl Games: The top 25 teams compete at the end of each college football season, and this period is simply called “bowl”[2]. Four teams are selected at the end of the bowl, and they move on to the playoffs.

And, of course, you can bet on a single game too. The NCAAF season runs 13 weeks between September and December every year, and each team plays 11 – 13 games in total, depending on the schedule of that season. Each game offers a different chance to win, and you can find satisfying odds for them at our selection of best online gambling sites NJ.

Is Betting on College Football Legal in New Jersey?

Since 2018, all forms of gambling are legal in NJ. This includes betting on college football too, as well as other types of online sports betting. In fact, the law that legalized sports wagering[3] defines college football as betting on a “collegiate sport or athletic event” offered by a public or private educational institution. 

As long as they have a license from the Division of Gaming Enforcement, college football betting sites in NJ can offer legal services both on desktop and mobile. And this is the most important element you need to check while evaluating NCAAF betting sites NJ: you should look for the “DGE” logo first.

College Football Betting Tips

To get the best possible experience in college football betting, you need to make your research. You cannot rely only on luck: making an accurate prediction requires you to consider many things, and the better you are at it, the more you can increase your winning frequency. In this context, we discuss below the most important factors to consider before trying your luck at college football betting sites in NJ.


The performance of the players will also determine the performance of a team. So, once you've identified the teams you want to bet on during the season or championship, start tracking the performance of those teams' players. For this purpose, create a chart for each player and start keeping records. When you do this:

  • ollow the players' social media accounts and pay attention to developments in their private lives too. A player who has problems in his private life will have a decrease in performance.
  • Record information such as how many touchdowns, how many passes etc. each player has made in each match and use this data to create a visual presentation. So, you can get an idea of their potential at a glance.
  • Follow the players' injury news closely. If a star player is injured, it will affect the performance of the entire team.

Situational Factors

Environmental factors can be caused by the team itself or external conditions. A hurricane or heavy rain, for example, can cause a match to be canceled – you can even bet on this probability at some NCAAF betting sites NJ, so it's wise to keep up with the weather reports. The factors arising from the team itself, on the other hand, express the difference in their performance according to whether they play at home or away. 


The role of NCAAF coaches is more important than it is in the NFL. A coach's performance will directly affect the team's abilities. Therefore, create a chart for the coaches in addition to the players. In this context:

  • Record everything the coach has done before: which teams has he led and what successes has he had? Keep track of what they are doing week by week.
  • Follow them on social media: is the coach hinting that he might move to another team? A change of coach during the season will completely change the performance of a team.

College Football Betting Guide

So far, we've covered the market options at college football betting sites in NJ and given some tips to increase your winning frequency. So, what can you place a bet on after signing up with the best NJ sports betting sites? Below, we answer this question by listing the most common options: if you are just starting out, we recommend trying these types of bets at NCAAF betting sites NJ.

Point spreads

Based on their pros and cons, sportsbooks assign “points” to teams. These can be “plus”, or “minus” points and they mean different things. For example:

  • +1,5: This means you are betting on the “underdog”. You are simply betting that the team will lose the game, but the final score difference won’t be higher than 1.5 points.
  • -2,0: This shows you are betting on the “favorite”. It means the team will win the match and the final score difference will be higher than 2 points.

Point spread betting can be a little challenging for beginners, but it is a great option due to its high odds. Make sure to try it when you join the best online gambling sites in NJ.


Parlay bets are quite popular at college football betting sites in NJ because they can offer incredibly high odds without any complex mechanics. A parlay bet consists of (at least) two bets on a single slip. For example, you don’t need to place two separate bets for two different games: you can place them on the same slip and get boosted odds. The outcomes of these bets can be in the same game too. For example:

  • You can place a bet on moneyline (who will win) and point spread (the score difference won’t be higher than 2.00 points) for the same game.
  • You can place two moneyline bets for two different games.

In any case, you can take advantage of higher odds. To win a parlay, all of your selections must win. You can find lots of bonus offers and free bet promotions for parlays at NCAAF betting sites NJ.

College Football Moneylines

We think every novice bettor should start with lines betting. This is the simplest form of sports wagering and is available at all college football betting sites in NJ. “Moneylines” is betting on who will win a game - that's all. The risk free bets offers at most bookmakers are used for moneyline betting and with the right odds, it is still possible to get satisfactory payouts.


If you want the highest possible odds, we recommend focusing on futures betting. These bets are on outcomes that will result in the distant future and offer a very high earning potential due to the difficulty of analysis. For example, you can already place a bet on who will be the champion of the 2022-2023 NCAAF season: it is difficult to predict which team has the advantage as the season is just starting, and for the same reason you can get extremely high odds (i.e., +10,000) for such a bet. Futures betting is available at all the best NJ sports betting sites.


Totals betting is also known as “over/under” and is somewhat similar to spread betting in that you bet on how well the outcome of the game will match the values determined by NCAAF betting sites NJ. Let's give an example:

  • The value offered by the bookmaker for the outcome of a particular match is 55.
  • If you bet that the actual value will be less, you are making an “under” bet. Similarly, if you bet that the actual value will be higher, you place an "over" bet.
  • Suppose the result of the game is 32-21: its total is 53 (32 + 21)
  • Since the result is less than the bookmaker’s value (55), under bet wins and over bet loses in this scenario.
  • If the result was exactly 55, it would be a "push" and all bets would be refunded.

Top College Football Betting Site Criteria

When preparing a review, we consider many criteria to select the best NJ sports betting sites. If you want to play at the best online gambling sites NJ, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Legality. Play only at DGE licensed NCAAF betting sites NJ: make sure you see the DGE logo at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Variety. Prefer bookmakers that offer betting opportunities not only for NCAAF games, but also for options such as bowl titles, playoffs, and Heisman prizes. This also applies to betting options: play on sites that support different markets such as moneylines, props, totals, and spreads.
  • Odds. Check out and compare the odds offered by college football betting sites in NJ and make sure you always get the best rates. In this context, it's a good idea to have accounts on multiple sites, as you can switch to whichever offers the higher odds.
  • Bonuses. Check out all the bonuses offered by the sportsbook, especially risk free offers and other free bet promotions. You should be able to activate different bonuses with the deposits you make and increase your level in a loyalty program.
  • Compatibility. The best NJ sports betting sites work seamlessly on any device and offer the same experience and performance on all platforms. Test each site you check on your smartphone or tablet PC.


Now you're ready to try your luck at college football betting sites: we've shared with you all the basics you need to know to get off to a solid start. Make sure you start your adventure not at any site, but at the best online gambling sites in NJ: for this purpose, you can choose any sportsbook we recommend. We regularly update our NCAAF betting sites NJ list, so we encourage you to visit us often. If you use our tips and play on the sites we recommend, you will have an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

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