Top 3 UFC Betting Sites

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  • Easy parlay & parlay boost features
  • BetMGM Rewards program with lots of benefits
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2 Welcome Bonus: Receive Up To $1,000 With Your First Deposit ($5 Minimum)
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Gus Herman
Gus Herman Author
Publication date: 2022-10-12 Last updated: 2022-10-12

UFC Betting Apps

Let’s start with a list of those sites that offer New Jersey sportsbook apps, shall we? We picked the casinos & sportsbooks below according to our high-quality standards and made sure that they offer the best possible experience on mobile and desktop. Read their short review, pick one, and start placing your UFC bets!

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is a brand that offers casino games and sports betting together. You get bonuses to use in both: as a new member, don’t forget to claim your first deposit and referral promotions. The first one will give you a 10 USD free bet balance every time you wager 50 USD on games. The second one lets you win 50 USD for every friend you refer. The “MMA” category of this bookmaker lists all the fights and events you can bet on, and all of them are available on its New Jersey sportsbook apps too. BetMGM also has the following features:

  • BC 2022 Award Winner for the “Best Operator”
  • Exotic bets such as “Dana White's Contender Series “
  • Stake back bonus for one-game parlay bets
  • Leaderboards & tournaments with big grand prizes

DraftKings Sportsbook

After online gambling becomes legal in NJ, DraftKings was one of the first brands to launch an online sportsbook. Since then, it is among the top five UFC betting sites NJ in every ranking you can find: this is because of its competitive odds and exclusive bonuses. In addition to UFC, you can place a bet on Bellator too: it is the second largest MMA event in the United States. You can start playing here with a 1.000 USD deposit bonus and add another 100 USD on top of it when you refer a friend. Both can be claimed on the New Jersey sportsbook apps of this operator. DraftKings also offers:

  • ·         A marketplace to trade NFTs
  • ·         Fantasy sports to create your own UFC league
  • ·         Free-to-play pools with real money rewards
  • ·         Up to 50% boost for Same Game Parlay bets

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel offers many betting opportunities for UFC: you can bet on Fight Night (main/prelims), Contender Series, and all the regular UFC fights. You can even try your luck on Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender: there is a great deal of variety here and all available markets offer high UFC betting odds. The welcome pack of FanDuel is a risk free bet that is worth 1.000 USD: if you lose your first wager, it will be refunded up to this amount. In addition to two New Jersey sportsbook apps for iOS and Android, you can find the following at this bookmaker:

  • 75 USD referral bonus for all your friends
  • A racebook and a fantasy sports section
  • Lots of beginner guides on different topics
  • Live streams that can be viewed on mobile too

UFC Betting Strategy

After online gambling becomes legal in NJ, almost every bettor enthusiastically took a chance, but that was a mistake: betting is fun, but if you just try your luck without using a strategy, you will end up disappointed. Do not make this mistake and do not start playing without determining the basic strategies you will use at UFC betting sites NJ. The right strategy will allow you to lose less and win more.

To help new bettors, we share below betting tips for the UFC: each of them will be effective in determining your core strategy and will prevent you from relying on your luck alone. Before placing a bet or analyzing UFC odds, make sure you have done all of them.

Fighting Styles Are Important

All UFC matches are fought between two fighters, so it's the performance of the two athletes and therefore the fighting style they use that will determine the outcome of the fight. Some styles are better for fighting standing up, some on the ground, and knowing the styles of the athletes will allow you to make a more consistent prediction about how the match will turn out. To give some examples:

  • Conor McGregor[2] uses karate and Muay Thai techniques together. This means that he can respond to his opponent in any position.
  • Lyoto Machida[3] is a boxing master – he has an advantage as long as the fighters are standing, but he will not be as successful when fighting on the ground.
  • Demian Maia[4] is a BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) expert. He will be at a disadvantage when standing up and in close contact, but he will always have the advantage when fighting on the ground.

Research Every Aspect of UFC Fights and Fighters

The way to be successful in UFC betting sites NJ is to do detailed research. This includes having detailed records of a fighter's past performance in addition to his style. Before you bet on a particular UGC fighter, look at his previous matches and evaluate his performance based on different factors. For example:

  • What do the UFC games he wins have in common? Did he win against fighters who always use the same style? This may mean that he will have difficulty when faced with a different style.
  • How many rounds has the fighter ever completed in UFC matches? Can he withstand long matches, or does he run out of energy after a few rounds? This is especially true for UFC matches that result in a knockout: if a fighter has knocked out his opponent after a few rounds, don't judge this fact alone: it may also mean that he hasn't been able to stand up to long matches.

Moneyline Bets Are Not Your Only Option

Moneyline betting is the most popular choice in UFC betting sites NJ, and this is because it is the simplest option available. A moneyline bet is about who will win a UFC fight. You choose one of the two fighters and wait for the match result – it doesn't get any simpler than that. The problem is, moneyline bets don't usually offer high odds for the same reason. There are only two outcomes and competitive odds will be pretty hard to come by unless you bet on the underdog.

So, take advantage of other UFC betting opportunities to increase your earning potential. In this regard, all UFC betting sites NJ offer an incredible variety and allow you to try your luck for even the most exotic outcomes. All of them will have higher odds than moneyline bets. To give some examples:

  • You can bet on whether the match will end in a knockout
  • You can bet that the match result will be above or below the value determined by the bookmaker (total – over/under)
  • You can try your luck on which round the match will end

Don't Get Caught Up in the Hype

UFC matches are among the most popular nJ sporting events, and like any other league that fits this description, they are affected by “hype”. It is possible to find a lot of information in both online and regular media, especially before the match of well-known fighters. The problem is that this information will almost always be biased and used to pump a certain hype. If you don't fact-check, you can make decisions about the outcome of a particular UFC match based on hype, not knowledge and research. This will always result in disappointment. Therefore, when playing at UFC betting sites NJ, make decisions based on your own research, not what others say, and never fall for the hype.

Live Betting Can Be Very Profitable

When online gambling becomes legal in NJ[5], in-play (live) betting became legal too. At the moment, live betting is a service offered by all UFC betting sites NJ, and we can easily say that it is quite popular. This is simply because it offers more excitement and bigger payouts due to dynamic odds: you can get new betting offers while the fight is going on, and these can be incredibly profitable. Every bettor should try live bets at UFC betting sites in NJ: they are better than regular bets in almost every aspect. While doing that:

  • Prefer UFC betting sites that offer live streaming: this way, you can watch the fight too.
  • Make sure that live bets & live streaming are also available on mobile.
  • Use the cash-out feature often: doing so can guarantee a profit if you pick the right options.

Free UFC Betting Picks

One of the strategies you can use at UFC betting sites NJ is to take advantage of free picks. This is simply someone else recommending you which fighter to bet on. This person has made a prediction by doing his own research and shares the results with other bettors. They can do this for free or charge a fee. In any case, we recommend not using this option too often or placing it at the core of your own strategy. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • You can never be sure how well the person making the picks is doing their research and/or how good they are at their job.
  • Using someone else's picks will get you used to laziness.
  • No one who makes truly consistent picks shares them for free. These would be “optimistic estimates” at best.

You can use the free picks to evaluate your own UFC analysis or to find out what others think, but don't just rely on them.

UFC Parlay Betting

We said above that it is difficult to find high odds in moneyline bets: if you are betting on the favorite fighter like other bettors, it will be more than difficult. There is an alternative method of solving this problem: parlay bets.

Parlay is a type of bet that allows you to place a single wager on multiple outcomes and/or fights at the same time. A parlay bet contains at least two outcomes, and as this number increases, it begins to offer higher odds. With this method, you can bet on two different favorite fighters in two different UFC fights and raise the odds significantly. During special events such as March Madness, it is possible to increase them even more by taking advantage of the parlay boost bonuses offered by UFC betting sites NJ.

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